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Can It Become Worse Without Treatment?

   Rosacea will worsen without treatment
   Once blood vessels appear, its easier for more to form
   Laser therapy can remove them
   Sun protection and avoidance is critical

Rosacea Will Worsen Without Treatment

Rosacea absolutely gets worse if you don't treat it. I tell my patients who have rosacea that it takes a long time for the veins to first appear on the face (the first sign of rosacea). The sun first has to hit the skin for a long enough period to stimulate the creation of the first few blood vessels, but once those have formed, it is now much easier for the sun to stimulate the gene on those cells to produce even more. So you have this downward spiral effect. I often hear from my patients that 'I just started having these facial veins a year ago and now I'm covered'. They snowball creating more and more.

Good News - Laser Treatment Is Effective

The good news is that once you've removed those blood vessels, it takes a very long time for them to come back. Once they are removed with laser treatment, if someone uses sunscreen everyday, they might not need to have any further laser treatment from two to eight years, maybe longer. Reducing sun exposure is imperative to prevent further vessels from developing.

Consult a Doctor

Its important to visit with a physician with knowledge of laser therapy for rosacea in order to learn about the various treatments available today.

To learn more about how to treat rosacea: Laser Rosacea Treatment, Choosing Your Doctor, Is there a Cure for Rosacea?

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Last Modified: December 16, 2008

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