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Laser Treatment for Redness

   Laser is very effective at removing generalized redness and blood vessels
   Treatment may last years
   Avoiding sun exposure is essential to preventing a recurrence
   Over-treatment may decrease color too much

Flushing, Redness & Blushing Best Treated with Lasers

The redness and flushing which is probably the most prominent and common feature of rosacea is, in my opinion, best treated with lasers. Linear blood vessels, those little spider veins on the face, can be very effectively treated with a long pulse duration, pulsed-dye laser or 532nm KTP Nd:YAG laser. Generalized, diffuse redness can also be removed with laser treatment. Several laser sessions may be needed to complete treatment, however most patients see a significant improvement following one session. Studies also have demonstrated that laser treatments can improve the pimples associated with rosacea. If a patient makes an effort to avoid sun exposure which will aggravate rosacea (by wearing a strong sunscreen daily), blood vessels may not return for years.

Physician Experience Is Essential

Treating the diffused generalized redness of rosacea requires some skill as opposed to treating the linear facial veins. If one over-treats an area, one can see the footprints of the laser treatment. Circular marks can be seen where the laser passed with over-treatment, so it takes skill to treat it properly. If a patient gets over-treated it can give the illusion that they have been scarred, but they're not actually scarred. The reason for this is that people with very light skin, like me, get most of the color in their skin from this redness. If a doctor over-treats that redness it can leave white marks that look like scarring, but in fact are the skin's normal color. The way to fix this, believe it or not, is to get additional laser treatments. It is very important to see a physician who is experienced in using lasers when treating rosacea.

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Last Modified: December 16, 2008

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