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What Factors can Cause a Flare-Up?

   Factors can include hot and cold foods, exercise, or cold
   They temporarily impact rosacea
   Can make the face look redder

Factors Vary

There are a number of factors that cause rosacea flare-ups. Drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, drinking other hot beverages, eating hot soup, spicy foods, certain topical products, exercising or even going in the cold can cause the arterials, which regulates how much blood goes into these extra blood vessels, to dilate and temporarily make rosacea look worse.

Short Term Impact

Where, in my opinion, none of these triggers permanently affect rosacea, in the short term they can make people look much redder and cause a flare-up of symptoms including the acne-type bumps that come with rosacea. So they are temporary triggers.

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Last Modified: December 17, 2008

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