Is There a Cure?

Remedies to Reduce the Redness and Symptoms of Rosacea

We have good news

The symptoms of rosacea can be effectively treated.

Rosacea is not a condition that is curable in the sense that something can be done to make it go away permanently. But the symptoms of rosacea, such as facial redness and acne-like bumps, can be effectively treated, making living with the condition much, much easier. Treatment usually involves a combination of medications, laser and/or light therapies, and lifestyle changes.

Medications Help Minimize Inflammation and “Acne”

Your physician is likely to prescribe both oral medications and prescription-strength topical medications for your rosacea. Both help reduce redness and inflammation. Some of these drugs can also help keep the skin’s sebaceous glands from producing too much oil — one of the factors in rosacea’s acne-like symptoms. To treat occular rosacea, you may be prescribed steroid eye drops.

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Lasers Help Reduce Visible Blood Vessels

Laser and intense pulsed light treatments are highly effective at making “spider veins” — one of the key characteristics of rosacea — less visible. In addition to significantly improving the skin’s redness, these treatments have also been found to decrease the itching, burning, dryness and swelling often associated with rosacea. They also help with the acne component of the condition.

Lasers can sometimes be used to treat a later-stage symptom of rosacea: the thickening of the skin on the nose and cheeks known as rhinophyma.

Lifestyle Changes Help Prevent Flare-Ups

Surveys of people with rosacea have uncovered a long list of possible factors that may lead to a flare-up. These factors differ from person to person, although sun exposure is one that is almost universally shared. Your doctor can give you a diary checklist to help you identify your triggers. For more information about lifestyle changes that can make living with rosacea easier, see this site’s “Self Care” section.

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